March/April 2016 edition

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March/April 2016

Inside this month:
  • People, planning and passion
    Cathy Baker reveals her keys to success
  • Residential Tenancies Act
    Crafting a case for reform
  • It's showtime!
    A day with Scott Kennedy-Green
  • Champions for co-regulation
    REINSW's plan for a stronger profession

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Rallying our response for residential tenancies reform

As the NSW Government conducts the five-year review of the Residential Tenancies Act, REINSW harnessed the collective knowledge and experience of members to craft its case for reform.

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Celebrating excellence

With entries for the 19th annual REINSW Awards for Excellence opening on 26 April 2016, we asked some of last year’s winners why they entered and how their success has impacted their career and business.

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Champions for co-regulation

REINSW’s proposed co-regulation model will result in a stronger regulatory environment and secure a prosperous future for the profession.

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Raising the bar

Real estate education standards have languished for far too long. As the NSW Government completes a review of the requirements, REINSW has made its case for a more robust and comprehensive regime.

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People, planning and passion

Cathy Baker shares how she’s made it to the top and why relationships are the key to her success.

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Acting with authority

Stepping outside the scope of your agency agreement to assist a foreign purchaser can have serious implications. Here’s how one agent found themselves in court.

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Coping with a cooling market climate

The once-in-a-lifetime market might be over, but that doesn’t mean the real estate industry has cause to panic.

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Taking a different view

Gone are the days when the profession can afford to take a narrow view of the real estate sector. To meet future challenges, a different perspective is needed.

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It’s time to electronically sign

The ability to electronically sign real estate agreements and forms will be a big step forward for the profession.

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The power of the cloud

Cloud software can benefit businesses of any size and is the way forward in modern software technology. So what does cloud software mean for your real estate business?

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