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January/February 2016

Inside this month:
  • United we must stand
    John Cunningham shares his vision for the profession
  • View from the top
    Industry leaders predict the market in 2016
  • Industry Summit
    Securing the future fitness of the industry
  • Underquoting explained
    A quick guide to the new laws

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The future is already here

The three technology megatrends driving change across the real estate industry are now well established. But human behaviour is changing as our capability to do more in less time increases. This in turn is changing consumer expectations.

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The more detail, the better

The importance of keeping detailed notes about the condition of properties under your management should never be underestimated.

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Airbnb: Short term gain or long term pain?

There are an increasing number of reports of tenants regularly sub-letting their spare bedroom or subsidising an overseas trip by renting out the property via Airbnb – all without telling their landlord or property manager.

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Underquoting quick guide

New underquoting laws commenced on 1 January 2016. Do you understand your obligations? Here’s a quick guide on the top five changes you need to know about.

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Defying the daze of disruption

Digital disruption was the topic for debate and discussion at the 2015 REINSW Industry Summit, where delegates put forward their ideas about how to secure the future fitness of our industry.

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United we must stand

The newly elected REINSW President, John Cunningham, shares his vision for members and the wider industry.

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The value equation

At the start of the new year, it’s important to create clear goals for the 12 months ahead. At REINSW, we have some exciting plans for 2016 and I’m looking forward to working with you and our new President, John Cunningham, to make them happen.

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Meet your new Board of Directors

We asked the Board for their thoughts on the importance of REINSW to the real estate profession.

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In brief

Bite sized pieces of information to keep you up-to-date.

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View from the top

Read the Journal’s exclusive interviews with industry leaders to find out what they thought of the year that was and what lies ahead.

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