Property management master

March/April 2017 edition

Recognised with the Medal of the Order of Australia in January this year for services to the real estate industry and to the community, we reflect on the impressive career of industry stalwart Tim Anderson.

Tim Anderson is a rare breed. His overwhelming desire to help and serve people has resulted in him being widely regarded as the ‘go-to man’ for all things property management – even in retirement.

An REINSW member since 1966, Tim’s list of achievements is extensive. Beyond his active involvement at both Chapter and Division level, he was a member of the REINSW Board from 1994 to 2000. He was bestowed with the Woodrow Weight Award – REINSW’s highest honour for a lifetime of outstanding service to real estate practice – in 1999 and was awarded a Life Fellowship in 2008. You’ll go a long way to find someone held in higher regard across the industry.

With more than 50 years’ experience, his extraordinary depth of knowledge and understanding when it comes to property management has led him to represent REINSW in various capacities including the Residential Tenancies Consultative Committee, the Residential Tenancies Operational Committee and as Liaison to the Chair of the Residential Tenancies Tribunal. And despite his retirement, he’s currently REINSW’s representative on the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal Committee and continues to sit as a member of the REINSW Property Management Chapter Committee.


Starting out

Tim began his working life as a trainee accountant before being given an opportunity to work at real estate agency Craig and Littley.

“It was Bill Wiseman at Spit Junction, a friend of my mother’s, who gave me a job as a trainee property manager,” Tim said. “I owe him my career in property management.

“I worked on the agency’s rental role and worked out the calculations for protected tenants to see if we could get rental increases.”

After 10 months, it was time to move on and he was offered the chance to work with Alan Grace of Alan Grace Pty Ltd as a junior sales manager at the Forestville office. Tim was quickly offered a stake in the business.

“Not long after I married my wife Vivienne, Alan Grace died. I’d only been there for a short time, and was very young and fairly inexperienced,” Tim said.

With the death of Alan Grace and Tim taking the controlling share, he changed the business name to RT Anderson Real Estate and his involvement in REINSW intensified. He quickly came to love the real estate profession.

“The nice thing about real estate has been that I’ve dealt with very interesting people. The crooks might get on the front page of the paper, but the vast majority of agents work very hard and do a very good job,” Tim emphasised.

Having joined REINSW’s Property Management Chapter in the early stages of his career, Tim later became a Board Director. Along the way, he also took the reins as Chair of REINSW’s New England Division.

“The Institute would fly me up to Tamworth for the meetings and the members would tell me what they were doing. The headquarters were in Tamworth and the centre of that Division was Gunnedah, Glenn Innes and Armidale. I got to meet a lot of great country agents,” Tim said.

In 2001, Tim amalgamated the RT Anderson real estate business with Weight & Company, the Principal of which was REINSW Past President Robert Weight, son of industry legend Woodrow Weight.

“It was a bit like coming home,” Tim explained. “Woodrow was a tremendous help to me when Alan Grace died. He invited me to come and see him any time I was having trouble. Looking back, it meant that Robert’s business was a good place to retire from.”

Passion for training

Tim has long been passionate about real estate training and the development of professional standards.

A keen supporter of the changes currently being proposed to the education and training framework for agents in NSW, he vividly remembers how different it was when he first started out.

“When I qualified, we had to complete a three year, part-time course. And to obtain my qualification, I needed a letter from my employer saying I’d worked in all parts of the agency and had also handled the trust account side of things.

“I then had to attend an interview in front of a panel of three people, which took around two hours. It was a much more arduous process than it is today.”

Sense of community

Tim is well-known for his overwhelming sense of community – something that’s seen him a three-time president of the Rotary Club of Brookvale. A member since 1974, he frequently welcomes Rotary International Exchange Students into his home and is an organiser of its Pub2Pub Charity Fun Run & Festival.

Quite the sportsman, he’s taken part in the Jack Cox long distance swimming races at the Balmoral Beach Club since he was nine years old and will celebrate his 67th race this year shortly after his 75th birthday in March. He’s also played Father Christmas at the club and local schools for the past 15 years, is a ‘fair weather’ golfer and has a part share in a winery in the Hunter Valley.

A keen supporter of his wife Vivienne’s activities, Tim is known for making 7,500 jars of marmalade with the proceeds of in excess of $35,000 going to Cord Blood Research, a cause championed by the charity Inner Wheel Australia.

An unassuming man, Tim describes the Order of Australia accolade as “mind blowing”.

“It has been very exciting,” he said. “And it amazes me the number of people who have acknowledged it and sent me text messages, emails and cards. It’s a wonderful honour and I look forward to receiving the badge in May at an official ceremony at Government House in Sydney.”

“I congratulate Tim Anderson on being awarded the OAM.

As a member of both NCAT’s Liaison Group and Consultative Forum, he makes a much-valued contribution concerning the Tribunal’s practices and procedures which are highly valued. His endless experience and wisdom is always greatly appreciated.”

Deputy President of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Tim Anderson is a rare creature in the real estate world.

Not only has he run a very successful agency, but he has dedicated his life to his passion for delivering the best service – not only to his clients, but to the industry as a whole.

Without doubt, the world of property management would be a very different place without Tim’s input, insights and intellect.

Even in retirement, he continues to put his hand up to help, which is a testament to his dedication and commitment.

In my mind, he will always be Mr Property Management.”

REINSW President

“Tim is the epitome of what a real estate professional should be. He built his business through his active involvement with the community and he has spent his entire career giving back to the industry. Younger agents can learn much from his humble approach.”

REIA President

“Tim Anderson’s knowledge and desire to give of his time to anyone who needs help is inspiring. Even though he has retired and could have just walked away, he continues to be involved in the property management industry and has had an active hand in driving reform in the sector. We all owe Tim a debt of gratitude for his work over many years. He is incredibly deserving of this accolade.”

Rental Manager at Starr Partners and member of the REINSW Property Management Chapter Committee


“It’s rare that you get to proudly say: ‘I know that person’. Tim Anderson is that person for me.

Not only is he a true gentleman, he is a true icon and gem in the industry. Always generous with his time, his knowledge is unparalleled and he’s always ahead of the game.

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Tim on the Property Management Chapter Committee for a number of years. Being able to draw on his wealth of knowledge, wisdom and humour has been a true source of inspiration not only for myself and my fellow committee members, but for the entire industry.”

General Manager at McGrath Property Management and Chair of the REINSW Property Management Chapter Committee

“Tim has an incredible memory and has the ability to quote sections of the Residential Tenancy Act verbatim. A reserved person, he’s always there to give sound advice and is willing to share the knowledge of everything he takes on.”

Principal at Miles Felstead Realty and member of the REINSW Property Management Chapter Committee


“Tim Anderson’s depth of knowledge when it comes to property management is second to none.

A large proportion of the calls we receive on the Helpline relate to property management and it’s wonderful to have him available to members to answer questions when needed.

He works tirelessly, unobtrusively and without any fanfare. He is incredibly deserving of this recognition.”

REINSW Helpline