Staying centred

November/December 2016 edition

As the dedicated specialist at the McGrath China Desk, Davey Hong helps agents when working with clients from Chinese backgrounds to ensure all communications are understood and negotiations are transparent. The work he does reinforces trust and confidence with clients and ensures stress free transactions.

By Davey Hong

I’m generally up and out of bed by around 7.00am each morning. The first thing I do is check my schedule for the day and then I’m out the door to take my dog for a walk. It’s a great opportunity to get my thoughts together for the day, and it helps keep me active and alert for the day ahead.

When I walk through the office doors at 8.30am, it’s straight to work. The first thing I do is review and to check out new listings and see what’s been sold. Staying on top of what’s happening in the marketplace is essential.

I spend my morning catching up with local clients. I generally find that people are more energetic and focused before lunch – they don’t have to worry about rushing about to pick up the kids or working out what they’re doing for dinner. Having this personal contact with my clients is central to the way I do my job.
My mornings are always super busy, so I generally don’t find time for lunch until later in the day. For me it’s important to work around the needs of my clients. If that means a late lunch, that’s OK.

Lunch is usually at my desk and I take the opportunity to catch up on industry and business related news. I also check currency exchange rates and check for any updates from the Foreign Investment Review Board. It’s important for me to stay abreast of what’s happening not just in Australia but also internationally, as the majority of my clients are from Asia.

In the afternoon you’ll generally find me on the phone with my international clients. Most live in time zones that are a few hours behind us here in Sydney, so the afternoon is my best chance to catch them. 

Working with international clients means I generally find myself working a bit later. When I do get home, I try to dedicate an hour to meditation. I’m lucky – I don’t have children yet, so I can afford the luxury of spending this time to better myself. Meditating allows me to clear my head, reflect on my day and work out how I can improve my performance. It’s my way of staying centred.