The power of the cloud

By Sarah Dawson

Cloud software can benefit businesses of any size and is the way forward in modern software technology. So what does cloud software mean for your real estate business?

Cloud software comes with several significant advantages and if your real estate business is yet to transition, these benefits may inspire you to make the change.

1. Scalability

The great thing about cloud services is that they are a purchased service, payable monthly. You pay for access to services, rather than paying huge amounts to have customised software designed around your business. This means you can access the software infrastructure you need at any given time. If you need to expand your software as your business grows, you can access more services. So you can get what you need, when you need it.

“Cloud software is set to increase in popularity and will continue to provide many benefits to real estate businesses.”

2. Reduced IT costs

IT staff and infrastructure can be costly to your business. Cloud computing means your software and data is all stored on the cloud, and all maintenance and security issues are managed by the cloud service provider. This maintenance and security is generally of a higher standard than that which many firms can provide themselves, cutting IT costs significantly.

3. Flexibility

Have you ever been on the road and need to check client information? No problem. With cloud software you can access your information from anywhere, at any time, on any internet-connected device. This allows for workplace flexibility, as you can work from anywhere – the office, home or even a café.

4. Device integration

The cloud facilitates the ‘Internet of Things’, which is a term used to describe the inter-connection of various devices to access information. The Internet of Things is set to transform the way we operate, both personally and professionally. As this concept further develops there will be an increased array of devices and products that can integrate with your cloud software.

5. Data security

Traditionally, your data is stored on local hard drives. If they are damaged your data is lost, which can be catastrophic to your business. With the cloud, all your information is stored securely at a remote location – so there’s always a back-up. It also means that you no longer need to transport data on USBs or external hard drives, as everything you need is available on the cloud.

Is your current technology providing your business with these benefits? Cloud software is set to increase in popularity and will continue to provide many benefits to real estate businesses.