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11 The power of small changes

12 Invested in real estate

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The Real Estate Journal is the official magazine of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. Exclusive to REINSW members, the Journal features industry news, updates, analysis and much more.

September/October 2018

In this edition:
  • Invested in real estate
    A trusted advisor to major international clients, CBRE's Sharon Yang brings passion and business savvy to everything she does. 
  • The power of small changes
    Practising gratitude and always being thankful are central to Sebastian James's success as a buyers' agent. 
  • Time to make your choice
    It's time for real estate agents to move aside and for real estate professionals to step up and be counted.
  • Empowered service
    How John Pye has built a company culture aligned with his own purpose-driven values.
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