Auctioneer insights

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A mindset of perpetual growth: auctioneering finalists keen to test their skills

Why competition auctioneering is the best way to hone your skills.

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Don't be put on show by a savvy buyer

No auctioneer wants to be outsmarted by a savvy buyer. That's why Briannan Davis recommends knowing your practice inside-out.

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Standing by your call

Peter Matthews can't emphasise enough the importance of stating your rights as an auctioneer.

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How an actor became an auctioneer

Oliver Burton won the 2018 NAC and is now working for one of NSW's premier auction houses.

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Calling for a cause

From sporting memorabilia to mangoes and a vasectomy, Edward Riley has lowered the gavel on thousands of lots to raise vital funds for charity.

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Is selling a celebrity's house easier or harder?

Get the inside scoop from one of the USA's best luxury brokers and one of Australia's most successful auctioneers.

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Clarence White on the thrill of the competition

Winning an REINSW Award for Excellence isn't easy, but it's definitely worth the effort.

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Educating clients about clearance rates: why auctions work

Clearance rates are not an indication of the effectiveness of auctions. Clarence White and Damien Cooley tell us why.

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Maximising auction success

Experienced auctioneer, James Pratt, shares his key insights on maximising your success at auction.

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The benefits of selling by auction

It is important for real estate agents to understand when and why an auction might represent the optimal method of sale.

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James Pratt's tips for peak performance

Find out tips to maximise your performance in real estate from James Pratt.

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Advice on Deposit Funds at Auction - REINSW

Lead auctioneers discussed with REINSW their best practise tips on how to handle auction deposits. REINSW has put together advice on this topic.

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How to handle a favoured bidder at auction

Cooley Auctions Director Damien Cooley advises what to do at auction when an owner favours a bidder.

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In-house auction clearance rates higher

Damien Cooley says clearance rates for in-room auctions were higher compared to on site in June.

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Online auctions have a global reach 24/7

auctionWORKS Principal David Scholes explains the benefits of online auctions and how they work.

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Time to stop calling ‘on the market’

Leading auctioneers Jesse Davidson and Leon Axford say it's time to stop saying "it's on the market".

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USA celebrity broker offers top tips

Auctioneer James Pratt recently quizzed Sotheby’s Beverly Hills broker, Tanya Stawski.

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The importance of contracts at auction

Find out what agents need to include in contracts from auctionWORKS Principal David Scholes.

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Is every bid at auction good?

Director of Cooley Auctions, Damien Cooley, explains how not every bid is a good bid.

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Doing double duty

Since starting out in the industry 12 years ago, Commercial Property Group’s Kyle Dewey has forged a career that combines his passion for commercial property with his love for auctioneering.

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