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REI Forms Live
Complete your agreements and forms online.
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REI Inspect Live
The easiest way to conduct your REI Forms Live condition reports.
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People Management System
REEF's People Management System  has been configured to meet the specific needs of real estate employers, including specific modern awards, wages, templates and workflow.
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Latest news on technology

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Auctioneer Chapter Committee delivers Auctioneers’ Online CPD course

Auctioneers can now access a dedicated CPD course delivered by industry experts.

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Real estate by robot

Rather than fleeing in fear, embracing real estate robots is a way for agents to become more efficient and spend more time building relationships.

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Save time by ditching paper-based agreements

New research suggests agents are leading the way in digitisation of paperwork, but there's still more to be done.

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3D-printed house in 24 hours: that's the pace of proptech innovation

Proptech is growing exponentially and it's time to get on board or get left behind, says panel of industry experts.

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Technology and real estate: let go of the fear

Technology has copped a lot of flack in the real estate industry, but have we really gotten to know it and what it can offer?

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Property services industry moves forward with electronic signatures

MEDIA RELEASE: In good news for consumers and the property services industry, witness contracts can soon be signed electronically.

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REINSW submission on electronic contracts

REINSW has made a submission in response to a Discussion Paper on digital technology and electronic signatures.

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Using social media to promote your brand

What’s the best way to promote your real estate ‘brand’ on social media?

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