After years of lobbying for an improvement in the education and training standards of the property industry by the REINSW, the New South Wales Government has moved to implement long overdue reforms. 

These changes signal a new era for the professionalism of the industry and will enable agents to deliver an enhanced standard of service. 

At the same time the qualification for real estate licensing has changed. The new qualifications are more rigorous and in-depth, and while there are fewer units of competency, the time required to complete the training will be longer.

Under the reforms, agents will also no longer be able to hold a Certificate of Registration for the duration of their career. Instead, they will be required to transition to a Real Estate License within a defined period or face exclusion from the industry for 12 months. 

These reforms by Fair Trading are due to be implemented in March 2020.

The new Real Estate Training package.



CPP31519 Certificate III in Real Estate Practice



CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice



CPP51119 Diploma of Property (Agency Management)




New entrants to the real estate industry who are working in a purely administrative role


Anyone who wants to work as an agent in the real estate industry.


Anyone who wants to run their own agency or be a Licensee-in-charge.




Completion does not allow you to apply to NSW Fair Trading for a Certificate of Registration. To do so, additional units must be completed.



Completion allows you to apply to NSW Fair Trading for a Real Estate Licence. All agents will be required to transition from a Certificate of Registration to a Real Estate Licence in the future.


Completion allows you to apply to NSW Fair Trading for a Licence to be a Licensee-in-charge.




Broad areas of training include:

  • Personal work priorities and team work
  • Communicating with clients
  • Legislation and compliance
  • Work health and safety
  • Assist in property management
  • Assist in property sales



Broad areas of training include:

  • Professional practice
  • Legislation and compliance
  • Marketing and communication
  • Property marketing
  • Property appraisal
  • Property sales
  • Property management
  • Trust accounting


Note: The units of competency required to attain a Certificate of Registration are included in the Certificate IV and are completed first.



Broad areas of training include:

  • Compliance and ethics
  • Effective workplace management
  • Business planning
  • Marketing and customer service
  • Managing a safe workplace


Course duration

Up to 12 months to complete


Up to 12-18 months

12-18 months (depending on experience)

What do the reforms mean for you?

To make sure everyone understands how they’ll be impacted, we’ve created a simple, go-to-guide to clearly explain what it will mean for you.

To download the PDF go-to-guide, click here.


 More information


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