PropTech 2022

Evolution or Revolution

18 August 2022

PropTech 2022  our premier virtual event is coming and you’re invited to join us!

At this year’s virtual event we will be bringing you right up to speed with the LATEST DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY topics straight from this year’s INMAN CONFERENCE in the U.S.

We will be unpacking the explosion of innovation revolutionising our world. Prepare to learn how this technology is transforming the real estate industry. You will learn about the practical vs the ridiculous, what’s hot…AND what’s coming next! 

Expect to learn how you can turn digital disruption into opportunity as you engage with technology and thrive. 

What you need to know


  • When: Thursday 18th August 2022 
  • Time: 7.30-10.00am
  • Where: Online – on the Delegate Connect Platform 
  • Cost: $39.00 


  • Peter Matthews, Realtair CEO and REINSW President Elect
  • Teresa Grobecker, CEO at Real Estate Consortia
  • Sheila Fejeran, COO at Real Estate Consortia
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Topics from the Inman Conference which will give you a taste of what host Peter Matthews (President, REINSW) will be discussing with other presenters on the day:

It’s here now: How Blockchain and NFTs will quickly change business decisions 

How quick is this coming and what will be the impact? Where are the risk and growth opportunities for real estate leaders today? 

Presented by Teresa Grobecker & Sheila Fejeran 

Sheila joined forces with Teresa and Consortia as the Chief Operating Officer to assist in fulfilling the dream of bringing all American real estate onto the blockchain, Web 3.0. Consortia is part of the National Association of portfolio of companies through SCV REACH.  

And more…

  • So Much Training, So Little Adoption: How to Get Agents to Engage in Your Training Program
  • How to Use Tech to Streamline and Future-Proof Your Brokerage
  • Innovative Ways Agents are Harnessing Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience
  • How Technology is Powering the Transaction of the Future

Who should attend PropTech 2022? 

Anyone in the real estate or property sectors who wishes to succeed in the digital era. Unless you are planning to retire tomorrow…you need this event!

Embrace technology or be replaced? 

If Australian real estate follows the same trend as the USA, digital technology will continue to transform our world which means we have two choices…embrace it and thrive or get left behind.

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