Auction day preparation and compliance

Auction day preparation and compliance
Auctions can be hard to navigate for vendors and purchasers alike. It’s important for sales agents to know how to take their clients through the process and secure a successful outcome for all.

We have three expert auctioneers Mark Morrison, Ricky Briggs and Jesse Davidson who will guide you on how to run a successful and compliant auction campaign offering the best outcomes for your clients.

Topics covered include:

  • No mistake auctions
  • Running different types of auctions to ensure compliance
  • Common mistakes to watch out for during auction campaigns

Mark Morrison

Mark is a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer with vast experience in residential sales. During the past 8 years, he has conducted over 4,000 auctions and won several real estate industry awards. He is quick to recognise the selling attributes of a property as well as other factors which can influence the decision of buyers and maximize price outcomes for vendors. With a commanding delivery tone and intuitive sense of timing for the cut and thrust of bidding, Mark provides a remarkable ability to steer a successful outcome on auction day. 

Ricky Briggs

With his reputation as one of the best auctioneers in the industry, Ricky is Advantage Auction Group’s top Auctioneer. He is a leading force in Sydney’s premier real estate markets and has a steadily growing reputation across Newcastle, the Hunter and the Central Coast. A highly motivated individual with a wealth of maturity, Ricky brings energy and competitive instinct to every auction, generating outstanding results. His ability to emotionally engage buyers and know when to push for a bid is key to his success in extracting the highest price for his vendors.

Jesse Davidson

Jesse comes from a rural background but was educated in Sydney. This mix of city and country means that Jesse understands the intrinsic principles of auction and appreciates peoples’ passion for owning and trading real estate. Jesse has worked at auctionWORKS since 2009. He was awarded the Real Estate Institute of NSW 2010 Novice Auctioneering Champion. His dedication to the company and his profession, have meant that Jesse took over as Chief Auctioneer and owner of auctionWORKS in 2018. After years of hard work Jesse was awarded the REINSW Auctioneer of the Year for 2015.

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19/02/2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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