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Date: 20 November 2019
Time: 11am – 12pm
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The heavily legislated world of strata management is not for the faint of heart, and among the hardest roads to navigate is by-law compliance.
Whether you manage a building of 10 or 200, knowing how to police and deal with inevitable by-laws breaches is a vital skill. 
Be prepared and equipped to handle whatever comes your way, join our industry experts for a simplistic step-by step guide on compliance, violations and management.

Topics covered include:

  • Overall process for dealing with By-law compliance
  • Examples of how to handle By-law breaches from the very first communication sent to the Strata Managing Agent that an occupier is in breach
  • An explanation around where breaches may end up in NCAT and how this is managed step by step
  • Where By-laws are concerned, explain the changes with common property certificate of title, paper versus electronic 

Reena Van Aalst
Reena Van Aalst is the founder of Strata Central and an award-winning strata manager. With over 16 years’ experience behind her, Reena is not only well-respected, but has become a go to leader within the strata management space.

Dean Eades 
Dean’s passion for the property sector spans over 20 years. The founder of Southern Strata management, Dean also has numerous professional qualifications to his name. 
Prior to establishing his business, Dean was General Manager/Licensee for a large Strata Management and general real estate business. 

Both Reena and Dean currently sit on the REINSW Strata Management Chapter Committee.
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