CPD: How To Achieve a Successful New Tenancy

Are you a Property Manager keen to grow your knowledge about how to achieve a successful new tenancy every time?  Join this class to gain a better understanding of what you must do and the steps you must take, and to learn from your classmates in an encouraging environment.

The process of finding and settling a new tenant is critical to a Property Manager’s success:  

  • handled well and you will have secured a good tenant who will meet the rent and respect the property.  
  • handled badly and you’re in for a world of pain!  Rent defaults, damage to the property, complaints from neighbours, time at the tribunal, grief from an irate landlord…the list goes on!

This course will outline the crucial steps in getting the process right.  In this four hour course shared with other Property Managers, all keen to share their experiences and insights, you’ll go over the entire process from running successful open houses through to ensuring that you have the correct legal documents in place.  In particular you’ll cover the following:


  • running a successful open house
  • checking references the right way
  • gaining the approval of your landlord
  • using the right documents – residential tenancy agreement, condition report
  • understanding the legal steps and the right process
2/05/2017 - 2/05/2017
REI House
30-32 Wentworth Avenue
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
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