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Calling for a cause

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From sporting memorabilia to mangoes and a vasectomy, Edward Riley has lowered the gavel on thousands of lots to raise vital funds for charity.

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Looking for training? REINSW has you covered

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REINSW is the industry body representing you. So why not complete your training with us?

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NCAT jurisdiction needs urgent attention

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REINSW says there's a simple fix to the NCAT jurisdiction issue – but the NSW Government won't make it.

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Two agents. One listing. Who gets the commission?

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Determining who is effective cause of sale is critical in property transactions, especially in a correcting market.

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Location or amenities: leveraging the benefits of your commercial listing

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Office space impacts perception, and perception impacts business. This is something every commercial agent must understand.

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Have you used the new Strata Mediation Digital Portal?

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NSW Fair Trading's Strata Mediation Digital Portal replaces paper applications for dispute resolution.

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Maximising auction success

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Experienced auctioneer, James Pratt, shares his key insights on maximising your success at auction.

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An agent’s concerns about NSW Fair Trading

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Why REINSW's election campaign is important: an agent's perspective.

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Is your property bushfire safe?

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Bushfires are a serious issue for NSW residents, but fire safety is a year-round obligation.

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What it means to be a member of REINSW

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Kelly Petrini, General Manager of Property Management at Cobden & Hayson, explains why she's a member of REINSW.

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Unpredictable market conditions present opportunities for buyers’ agents

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A correcting market is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of engaging a buyers' agent, says Rich Harvey

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Stamp duty stymies the real estate market

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REINSW launches petition to protect industry and homebuyers from unfair stamp duty tax.

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Phishing for funds

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Is your cybersecurity enough? A law firm recently loses over $200,000 in a social engineering scam.

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How property services compares to other industries under NSW Fair Trading?

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NSW real estate is more valuable than the mining, retail and tourism industries combined.

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