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Website Privacy Policy

Last updated: 28 April 2014

The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) is committed to complying with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Act).

The Act allows personal information to be collected, used and disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected, and otherwise in accordance with the Act. This Privacy Policy only applies to the extent REINSW collects, uses and discloses personal information.

REINSW may amend, or amend and restate, this Privacy Policy from time to time and may subsequently notify users of any changes to this Privacy Policy by updating it on this website or by other written notification to users. Any changes to this Privacy Policy take effect upon the earlier of the update to this website or other notification to the users.

Information disclosed

REINSW will use and disclose personal information only for the purposes for which it is collected in accordance with the Act, including:

  • processing applications, including for membership and membership renewal;
  • providing Members and members of the general public with information and training relevant to the real estate industry;
  • maintaining and updating membership records for its Members;
  • providing an employment listing service for students enrolled in the Certificate of Registration Course (CORC students) looking for employment within the industry;
  • providing a membership directory for access by all users of the website;
  • providing information on, and promoting, programs, events, products, goods, services (including, without limitation, learning courses) and benefits available to Members as well as to members of the general public;
  • supplying REINSW Chapter Members and Division Members with other Member information to promote Chapter, Division and Member events;
  • processing enrolment and other online forms submitted by Members and members of the general public and enrolling them in learning courses and other services;
  • communicating with respect to an enquiry, request for information or use of REINSW’s products, services or benefits;
  • conducting research relevant to Members and general users;
  • providing information to subsidiaries, related parties, sponsors, and preferred service providers and suppliers of REINSW (for instance, to meet a sponsorship or business arrangement);
  • allowing use of personal information in a controlled manner by entities distributing information relevant to Members and other users;
  • fulfilling or processing an order for a product or service offered by the online REINSW Store;
  • where a payment is made via this website for any product or service (including, without limitation, a learning course), REINSW may process that payment and may also exchange personal information with the relevant payment provider;
  • providing services and customer support, including service updates;
  • comparing information for accuracy, and verifying it with third parties; and
  • providing information as authorised or required by the Act or other law or a relevant government body or authority.



General users of the website do not need to disclose their identity to REINSW in order to use this website. This website does not therefore collect personal information about people who generally access the website except in the circumstances described above.

If a user of the website is:

  • intending on applying, and applies, for membership online;
  • intending on enrolling, and enrolls, in a learning course or other service;
  • seeking employment or advertising a job within the industry by listing their contact details on this website;
  • listing their contact details on the website in the membership directory;
  • a current Member wishing to access Member-related products, services or benefits;
  • an actual or prospective customer intending to purchase a product or service from the online REINSW Store; or
  • a user completing any online form via this website,

then in either case, that user will not be able to maintain anonymity for the purposes of accessing these parts of the website. The reasons are explained below.

Users applying for Membership

Users of this website may apply online to become a Member of REINSW, provided they fall within one of the membership categories specified and satisfy all the conditions of membership (as required from time to time). There are a number of discrete membership categories and prospective applicant’s should familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of membership for each of those categories.

Application for membership requires certain information including personal information about the user (the Applicant) to be collected. The information provided in relation to an application for membership is considered by REINSW, including its Membership Team and its Board. If an Applicant is approved for membership, REINSW may use the information including personal information as required pursuant to the Constitution and By-Laws of REINSW, to provide membership products, benefits and services including publications and professional development courses, and to advise of events.

A membership directory is listed on the REINSW website for access by Members and other members of the general public, who may also make general enquiries about a Member. The membership directory includes limited personal information and contact details for the Member.

If the information including personal information is not provided by the Applicant, REINSW may not be able to assess and process their application for membership or, if the application is approved, provide Member Services to the Member effectively or at all.

Current Member access to the website and other services

Access to Member only sections of the website including those that require use of a unique login and password are restricted to current Members. If the Member does not use their unique login and password they will not be able to access the Member services.

REINSW collects and uses personal information obtained via this website to assist Members and to provide membership benefits, to provide information, products and services to Members and to conduct REINSW's business and educational operations.

Additionally, Members can also contact the ‘Helpline’ at REINSW either via email or telephone. The Helpline is a free service provided exclusively to REINSW Members to help with any day-to-day issues that arise. To access the free service a Member will need to verify their membership to REINSW.

Seeking employment within the industry – find a candidate

A CORC student may attempt to seek employment within the industry by posting certain contact details on the ‘candidate board’ in the ‘find a candidate’ page of this website. In order to do this, the CORC student must complete and submit to REINSW the ‘Looking for a job?’ form and have consented to their details being listed on the website, by signing the consent at the bottom of the form.

This service is only made available to CORC students As a consequence of the above, it is not practical for a CORC student to maintain anonymity with REINSW as REINSW would need to identify them in order to be able to confirm that the student is eligible to access the service and be listed publicly on the website.

If a CORC student consents by virtue of signing the ‘Looking for a job?’ form, the ‘candidate board’ on the website will include their name, telephone and email address.

Online REINSW Store

Any user wishing to purchase any product or service from the online REINSW Store will need to identify themselves:

  • in order to complete their online purchase;
  • when they make payment for the relevant product or service; and/or
  • when they provide order or delivery instructions in relation to the relevant product or service being purchased.

Identification is also necessary to ensure the integrity of the processing of any payment for any product or service made by a Member but also to process the Member’s purchase of the relevant product or service.

Online enquiry forms

Users can contact REINSW for various purposes included in the website by completing online enquiry forms. These forms are received by REINSW and, depending on the nature of the request, are considered, evaluated and responded to appropriately. Following receipt of the request, REINSW may need to contact the person making the request to discuss it further and to follow up. Given the likelihood that REINSW may contact the user that made the request, it is impractical for that user to remain anonymous for these purposes and, therefore, a request cannot be submitted without the inclusion of relevant personal information in the online enquiry form.


A cookie is an electronic token that is passed to the user’s browser which passes it back to the server whenever a page is sent to the user. REINSW servers may generate cookies which are used to keep track of the pages users have accessed while using the website. The cookie also allows data to be inputted into a form or template and temporarily stored until the user chooses to save that form or template. Cookies generally remain on the user’s computer even after an internet session is ended and the computer rebooted. The cookie can be read by the server that placed it there during a subsequent visit to that same server. Their exact behavior is server specific.

When users visit this website, REINSW’s server may log certain information including, the type of browser and operating system the user is using; the top level domain name (for example .com, .net, .au, etc); the address of the referring site (for example, the previous site visited); the server's IP address; the date and time of visit, and the address of the pages accessed and the documents downloaded. This information is generally only for internal statistical analysis and system administration purposes.

Any other information supplied to REINSW (for example if a user sends an email or enters any personal information into the REINSW website) is treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Information security

REINSW takes reasonable steps to protect all information which it holds (including personal information) from misuse, loss, and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

It may also be necessary for REINSW to send personal information overseas for any of the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy. Where practicable REINSW implements measures to require organisations to whom disclosure is made to comply with the Act and other confidentiality measures.

Where appropriate REINSW uses secure transmission facilities. However, no transmission of information over the internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure and we do not warrant the security of any information transmitted to us over the internet.

Links to other websites

This website contains links to other websites. REINSW is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those websites. This Privacy Policy does not extend to those linked websites.

Marketing and opt-out

REINSW may also use the information including personal information (but excluding any sensitive information) provided by a Member (including a Member applicant of REINSW or customer of the online REINSW Store) for marketing and research purposes, to analyse and improve products, benefits and services and to inform Members of benefits, products and services provided by REINSW, its related entities or preferred suppliers which REINSW consider may be of value or interest to Members, unless the Member tells REINSW or has previously told REINSW not to. If a Member does not wish to receive any information about such benefits, products and/or services they can either make the appropriate selection in the relevant form or contact the Membership Team for that purpose at or on (02) 9264 2343. Members should allow 10 business days before any opt-out becomes effective.

Accessing your Personal Information

Users of the website have the right to request access to any personal information held by REINSW which relates to them, unless REINSW is permitted by law (including the Act) to withhold that information. REINSW may charge a reasonable fee where access to personal information is provided (no fee may be charged for making an application to access personal information). Any requests for access to a user’s personal information should be made in writing to the Privacy Officer (specified below). The user also has the right to request the correction of any personal information which relates to them that is inaccurate, incomplete, irrelevant, misleading or out-of-date.

If the user requires any further information about the REINSW’s management of personal information or has any queries or complaints, they should contact:

The Privacy Officer
The Real Estate Institute of NSW
30-32 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney NSW 2000

Acceptance of this Privacy Policy

By using this website, accessing any of REINSW’s benefits, products, services or features or applying for any membership, the user acknowledges having read and understood this Privacy Policy and the permissions to collect, use and disclose personal information, and the user authorises REINSW to collect, use and disclose, in accordance with the Act, the personal information for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.