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Continuing Professional Development Enrolment Form Privacy Policy

Last updated: 28 July 2014

The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Act) allows personal information to be collected, used and disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected, and otherwise in accordance with the Act. This Privacy Policy only applies to the extent The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (the REINSW) collects, uses and discloses personal information.

REINSW may amend, or amend and restate, this Privacy Policy from time to time and may subsequently notify the student(s) of any changes to this Privacy Policy by updating it on REINSW’s website or by other written notification to the student(s). Any changes to this Privacy Policy take effect upon the earlier of the update to the website or other notification to the student(s).

This enrolment form requires the collection of certain information including personal information about the student(s). If the person signing this enrolment form supplies personal information relating to a student, REINSW is entitled to assume that the signatory has complied with the Act in relation to such collection, use and disclosure and has procured all necessary consents from the student(s) nominated in this enrolment form that are necessary or incidental to the intended collection, use and disclosure of personal information for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy. Personal information will be collected during the enrolment process.

The personal information about the student(s) in this enrolment form, or collected from other sources is necessary for REINSW to: (a) consider and assess the learning requirements and needs of the student(s); (b) if this enrolment form is received and learning is subsequently scheduled, REINSW may also use the information including personal information, as required to supply, or to procure the supply by third parties of, the learning to the student(s); (c) if after learning is supplied, to provide (if appropriate) verification or certification of completion of the relevant learning; (d) if after learning is completed and upon request by the employer of the student(s) who funded the learning, to provide that employer with their learning records and assessment results; (e) process any payment (including without limit the exchange of personal information with the relevant payment provider, where necessary); (f) to provide the information (including personal information) to representatives of REINSW Chapters and Divisions for the purpose of that representative marketing and promoting REINSW’s products, services and benefits to the student(s); and (g) comply with applicable laws. Personal information collected about the student(s) may be disclosed by REINSW for the purpose for which it was collected to other parties including to third parties engaged by REINSW, REINSW Chapter and Division representatives, relevant payment providers, authorised persons (including the employer of the student(s) who funded the learning and those requesting verification or certification of completion of the relevant learning) and to any relevant government body or authority, or otherwise as required by applicable laws. If the information including personal information is not supplied in this enrolment form, REINSW may not be able to carry out or procure the services referred to above effectively or at all. REINSW takes reasonable precautions to protect the personal information it holds from misuse, loss, and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

REINSW may also use the information of the student(s) (including personal information but excluding any sensitive information) for marketing and research purposes, to analyse and improve benefits, products and services and to inform the student(s) of benefits, products and services provided by REINSW, its related entities, preferred suppliers, contractors or other third parties which REINSW consider may be of value or interest to the student(s); unless they tell REINSW (see opt out option below) or have previously told REINSW not to. If the student(s) does not wish to receive information about benefits, products and/or services then, to opt-out of receiving that information, either click on this link to manage your marketing preferences or contact the Membership Team for that purpose at [email protected] or on (02) 9264 2343. Please allow 10 business days before any opt-out becomes effective. REINSW will contact the student(s) to provide them with a copy of this Privacy Policy and to provide them the opportunity to manage their marketing preferences.

The student(s) has the right to request access to any personal information held by REINSW which relates to them, unless REINSW is permitted by law (including the Act) to withhold that information. REINSW may charge a reasonable fee where access to personal information is provided (no fee may be charged for making an application to access personal information). Any requests for access to personal information of the student(s) should be made in writing to the Privacy Officer (specified below). They have the right to request the correction of any personal information which relates to them that is inaccurate, incomplete, irrelevant, misleading or out-of-date.

If the student(s) requires any further information about REINSW’s management of personal information or has any queries or complaints, they should contact:

The Privacy Officer
The Real Estate Institute of NSW
30-32 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney NSW 2000
[email protected]

By signing this enrolment form, the person who signs it acknowledges that it and the student(s) have each read, understands and accepts this Privacy Policy and the permissions to collect, use and disclose personal information, and they each authorise REINSW to collect, use and disclose, in accordance with the Act, their personal information for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.