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Rental availability in Sydney rises 0.1%

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MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney vacancy rates have increased according to October Vacancy Rate Survey.

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WIRE SERIES: Stand up, says Leanne Pilkington

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REINSW begins its WIRE 2018 article series with President Leanne Pilkington's take on technology and the future of real estate.

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Property services industry moves forward with electronic signatures

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MEDIA RELEASE: In good news for consumers and the property services industry, witness contracts can soon be signed electronically.

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The 4 WHYs of professional indemnity insurance

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Professional indemnity insurance is a legal requirement for real estate agents, but why is it so important?

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REINSW clarifies 2015 strata reforms ahead of 2020 review

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REINSW's Strata Management Chapter Committee is addressing issues from the Strata Schemes Management Act (NSW) with the support of NSW Fair Trading.

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Buyers' agents recognised by NSW Fair Trading

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NSW Fair Trading has released a fact sheet for consumers on engaging a buyers' agent.

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How does the real estate industry impact NSW?

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The real estate and property services industries have a major impact on the NSW economy and people. Find out why.

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Stamp duty reforms are an insult, says REINSW

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MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin says stamp duty reform is disingenuous political grandstanding.

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Member feature: empowered service

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How John Pye built a company culture aligned with his own purpose-driven values.

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What really happens after a growth period?

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How does Sydney’s current housing value decline compare to previous downturns?

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