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Sydney rental availability increases

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MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney rental availability increases according to new REINSW research.

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5 pathways. 1 destination: Real Estate Licence

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Industry reforms are just around the corner and all Certificate of Registration holders will need to gain their Real Estate Licence.

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REINSW weighs in on holiday letting Code of Conduct

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REINSW fights for transparency and accountability in short-term holiday letting Code of Conduct.

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Asbestos: your duty of care as an agent

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It is an agent's duty to ensure a property is fit for habitation, but when it comes to asbestos, negligence could be life-threatening.

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Auctioneer Chapter Committee delivers Auctioneers’ Online CPD course

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Auctioneers can now access a dedicated CPD course delivered by industry experts.

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Is Parramatta Sydney’s better CBD for investment and yield?

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Sales and research suggests Parramatta could offer equal investment and yield opportunities as Sydney CBD.

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Top tips to generate new business for buyers’ agents

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Buyers' agents are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the strong buyer's market conditions.

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Is 2019 the year you transition to licence?

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With a new year approaching, there's no better time to evaluate the longevity of your career.

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Real estate by robot

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Rather than fleeing in fear, embracing real estate robots is a way for agents to become more efficient and spend more time building relationships.

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Regional is the new black

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Regional property markets are seeing a resurgence in popularity and are set to grow rapidly in 2019, says John McGrath.

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Industry wins in short-term holiday letting reforms

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Changes to short-term holiday letting in NSW provides more protection for agents, owners and tenants.

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Housing finance numbers on slippery slope, says REIA

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MEDIA RELEASE: REIA President says decline in housing finance is a reflection of the slowing market, Royal Commission into Banking and APRA restrictions.

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In her own words: Louisa Jackson of Langulin

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From the digital music business to real estate, Louisa Jackson's experience and knowledge collide to produce “on song” results.

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Sydney rental market vacancy rates mixed

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MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney vacancy rates offer mixed results, according to REINSW Vacancy Rate Survey.

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As a property manager, sales agent, bookkeeper or office manager, it is critical to understand and be up to date on the ins and outs of trust accounting for your agency.

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