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NCAT increases access to conciliators

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NCAT has revised the sitting patterns for group listings.

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Why strata managers have to say no

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Strata managers can end up being the bad guys for enforcing rules that they didn't make.

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Inspecting a property as a buyers' agent

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What should you look out for when inspecting a property for a client and how should you go about it?

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A mindset of perpetual growth: auctioneering finalists keen to test their skills

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Why competition auctioneering is the best way to hone your skills.

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Vale Tim Anderson

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REINSW recognises the incredible commitment Tim Anderson made to the real estate industry in his 50+ year career.

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The 10 most expensive retail strips in the world

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Managing retail space in Pitt Street Mall? You're managing some of the most expensive retail space in the world!

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REINSW 2019 Awards for Excellence finalists announced

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MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW announces the 2019 Awards for Excellence finalists.

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To blog or to email? That is the question

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Here’s how you can make your blog and email newsletter work together to yield the best results.

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Photoelectric smoke alarms: a clearer picture

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Photoelectric smoke alarms are the newest advancement in home fire protection.

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REINSW says fundamentals in place for growth in property prices

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MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW CEO, Tim McKibbin, says property prices will grow given market conditions.

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REIA says rate cut to help affordability for home buyers

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MEDIA RELEASE: REIA says first home buyers are winners with new rate cut.

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Tech titans dominate San Francisco

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Google occupies 265 buildings in Silicon Valley – and it has a major impact on housing and employment.

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Leanne Pilkington recognised as best of the best

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MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW President takes out top honour at REB's Women in Real Estate Awards.

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The difference between market appraisals and valuations

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What's the difference between a valuation and an appraisal? And what can you perform as a buyers' agent?

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