Claims hotline

Call the claims hotline on 1800 559 450


Managing claims the right way
When it comes professional indemnity insurance, there are two ways to deal with a potential claim: the wrong way and the right way.

The right way is to contact Realcover and seek accurate advice as early as possible if you think there is any possibility of a claim being made. As your insurer, we're here to help. That's why the Realcover claims hotline is here - to provide you with advice and support from the earliest stages.

You can call the claims hotline on 1800 559 450

Claims support
The Realcover approach to handling claims is to give agents support and advice from the earliest stages. We take a proactive approach and this usually allows the dispute or claim to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, leading to substantial savings of time, worry and costs.

Calls to the Realcover claims hotline are answered by real estate experts who have extensive experience and knowledge, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best possible advice.