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Easy to use. Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.

Complete your agreements and forms online with REI Forms Live. PC, Mac, laptop, iPad or Android tablet - no matter what the device, REI Forms Live has been designed with your needs in mind!

Exclusive to REINSW members.

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REI Forms Live


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  Subscription prices

Annual subscription prices are:

  • Sales agreements and forms (prefix SA) - $529 
  • Property management agreements and forms (prefix FM) - $529
  • Commercial agreements and forms - $529
  • All agreements and forms - $799
  Benefits of REI Forms Live


Integrated with CRMs in Australia. And a completely open API for third party Developers.


Portable in every sense of the word. Don't be shackled to the desktop - go anywhere, prepare and complete.


Save time. Designed with you in mind. Enter your data once and let REI Forms Live do the heavy lifting.

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