Fit for disruption

September/October 2017 edition

Danielle Andrews - REINSW Education & Training Manager

Changes to the real estate training package will streamline qualifications nationally to ensure they are more suited to the ever-changing work requirements of our industry, now and into the future.

The real estate industry is very different today than it was just a few short years ago. New business models, new suppliers to the market and a plethora of disruptive technologies have all played a part in changing the business of real estate and how agents do their job. But the training qualifications set down for agents have not changed for many years – until now.

Proposed changes to the real estate training package are set to address the gap between what agents are required to learn to gain their qualification and the reality of the level of skills and knowledge required to effectively discharge their duties.
The Australian Industry Skills Committee is recommending that the CPP07 Property Services Training Package, which includes the units of competency required to gain real estate related qualifications, be updated.

The changes aim to make our qualifications fit for purpose and more suitable to meet job roles and outcomes. The changes will also streamline the qualifications and future-proof the units of competency so they support a more agile workforce in the face of an ever-changing business, industry and market environment.

The changes are a welcome move and will help provide agents with the skills to respond to change and better understand sustainable house ratings.

Some of the recommendations

The qualifications will be:

  • reviewed against the changing scope of activities, and amended or restructured to align skills and knowledge to meet current and future industry requirements
  • assessed for current use to determine which are obsolete and under-utilised due to lack of relevance or poor fit with occupational licensing outcomes
  • updated to optimise flexibility, pathways and occupational outcomes.

There will also be a transition of the units of competency to meet the 2012 Standards for Training Packages.

Impact of the proposed changes

The qualifications will:

  • be more clearly aligned to the licences and occupational outcomes, and associated accountabilities
  • better reflect the changes occurring in the industry, particularly in relation to new and emerging job roles defined by technological disruption and changing business models
  • increase the understanding of legal obligations and mandatory requirements established by the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy
  • help provide units of competency that align to the 2012 Standards for Training Packages.


What’s next?

It’s expected that the changes to the CPP07 Property Services Training Package will be implemented in the middle of 2018.

If you have any questions about the changes, you can contact me by emailing or calling (02) 8267 0520.