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Creating a holiday experience

By Richard Crowther – Professionals Forster Tuncurry

Professionals Forster Tuncurry provide an exceptional service to our owners, guests and community. It is essential we operate as a hospitality business and not a real estate agent offering rental property, as that is fundamental to our success.

Naturally, we are absolutely focused on our owners who are ultimately our primary customers. Smooth management of their investment and a focus on maximising occupancy and return on their investment is paramount. We also are fastidious in protecting their asset, so when they visit or stay in their property they are always delighted with what they find.

That said, we also acknowledge we are in the hospitality industry so our guest experience is ultimately what determines our success.

From our guest online enquiry or phone call, through to arrival, throughout their stay, upon departure and in all of our communication, we are focused on ensuring the best personal customer experience for our guests. As advocates for our area, our ultimate goal is to cement a desire for a return visit, providing repeat and referral business for our owners.

Our staff are meticulously trained in hospitality and our guests are always greeted professionally in any dealings. We recognise they are on holiday and it’s our mission to make them feel that way. Welcome gifts, complimentary key lanyards, clear directions to their property, google maps, sms thanks and reminder messages are some of the small things we do to leave a lasting impression. All our communication is designed to create and cement a memorable experience and relationship.

Our property descriptions and website displays are carefully designed to give reliable accurate presentations, so guest expectations are always met. We market strongly through social media channels to encourage guest interaction with our region with the ultimate intent to drive return visits to our area. The guest experience is the key driver to our business profitability and in a highly competitive industry we are determined to be market leaders in this area. Our annual increasing occupancy statistics are testimony to this goal.

Functionality is key

Systematic written procedures are key to a successful accommodation business and we have implemented these.

Our technology is first class, so we have confidence the back end of our booking process is smooth and streamlined. We layer this with an exceptionally well trained hospitality team who have delegations to handle all common guest needs and concerns.

A 'can-do' attitude and a genuine desire to be tourism advocates for our area are pre-requisites for all our hospitality staff. That attitude shines through daily in the interaction with all our guests and our owners.

We benchmark our performance, we encourage feedback and we always look for ways to improve the way we do business. You can’t afford to stand still in this business so we are continuously looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of the game. It is an exciting and rewarding industry to be in!