Chapter News

A career well worth considering

By Tiana Mueller – Peter Fitzgerald Real Estate

A lot of agents, particularly younger agents, view property management as a stepping stone to sales. However, if you look at it in the right way, you can certainly make a career out of property management. I’ve been working in this area of practice for many years and I'll tell you why I absolutely love it!

I fell into real estate. It wasn’t planned, but I have never looked back.

I started out as a property officer at a Sydney company and was soon promoted to property manager. I then relocated to Wollongong at the beginning of last year to work in a property management position and thoroughly enjoy my role.

If you are someone who loves coming to work every day and not knowing how the day may finish up, then this is the job for you! My role involves a lot of problem solving, multitasking, customer service and attention to detail, not to mention a whole lot of other things.

It takes all types

One thing I love about my job is being able to meet and communicate with a wide variety of people.

Communicating with landlords and tenants is something I do on a daily basis. I focus on customer service and keeping the lines of communication open with all of my clients.

One the greatest satisfactions of my job is knowing that a landlord places their absolute trust in me with their investment property and is happy to follow my lead.

Satisfaction guaranteed

There are a lot of satisfying moments in this job, such as securing a new management, securing a new tenant for a vacant property or even having a client appreciate the effort you put in.

I urge young agents who are starting out in property management to see that it can be a career and doesn’t have to be a stepping stone or something to start out in. It can be your long term career.

Overcoming the age objection

One of the main obstacles I’ve experienced so far has been my age. Many people are hesitant to trust some young agents with their investment property. However I have overcome this by:

  • Learning the legislation – If you know the facts, then there is no arguing that you are right. If you can answer questions with facts, then you build trust with the client.
  • Be confident – Have confidence in yourself. This is especially helpful when prospecting for new managements.
  • Communicating regularly – One of the common problems with agents and property managers is that property managers never return owners' or tenants' phone calls. I always return phone calls the same day; this lets the client know that their call is important to you.

Use the fact that you’re young as an advantage; we know the latest in technology and if used properly, this can be a great tool and point of difference from other agents. And stick with it - property management has definitely been a great career choice for me.