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Charles Tarbey backs young buyers with superannuation push

8 August 2014
On a recent episode of Your Property Empire on Sky Business, Century 21 Chairman Charles Tarbey was asked: “Should young buyers be able to access their superannuation to put towards buying property?”

Mr Tarbey has developed a ‘back the young buyer’ reputation over the course of his career and his answer reflected this position precisely.

According to Mr Tarbey, the sooner we can ease the pain and allow people to buy a property that they can live in, make it their home and watch their family grow, the better.

“The constant struggle we hear about first homebuyers trying to get into the marketplace is of concern, and a lot of superannuation funds will probably not like what I am saying, but the reality is that some of that money would be better used if it was put into a property than elsewhere.”

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