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REI Forms Live enhancements

30 July 2014

REINSW has been hard at work over recent months enhancing REI Forms Live – the industry-leading solution for online agreements and forms.

Template letters

Four standard industry letters commonly used by property professionals are now available on REI Forms Live.

These standards letters include:

  • Routine Inspection Report
  • Notice of Rent Increase
  • Notice of Intention to Sell the Premises
  • Notice of Access/Inspection/Entry.

The letters ensure time-poor agents have access to tried and tested standard templates.

Other enhancements

The changes include:

  • Updated look and feel
    REI Forms Live now has a more modern and enhanced interface.
  • Attaching files
    Users are now able to upload and attach PDF’s to their agreements and forms.
  • Email sharing
    When emailing an agreement or form using REI Forms Live, recipients will receive a link to a secure, branded webpage where they will be able to download the file you have sent to them.
  • Renaming forms
    Users are now able to rename their agreements and forms, making searching much easier.
  • Embedded NSW Fair Trading fact sheets
    The relevant NSW Fair Trading factsheets are now embedded into agreements and forms.
  • Strikeouts are more prominent
    Users now have the ability to strikeout clauses within the Termination Notice (FM00404). In addition the strikeouts are visible on screen.

To find out more about REI Forms Live, please call REINSW on (02) 9264 2343 (option 3) or email