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A new lease on life: CBRE's 'Workspace' campaign

By Jenine Cranston - CBRE

CBRE Senior Director Office Services Jenine Cranston talks through the company’s new marketing campaign.

Call to action: To give 10 leasing clients an edge in a competitive market through a targeted marketing campaign.
When: Q3 2013
Goal: To generate leasing enquiries, inspections and deal activity. Competition is fierce in the commercial leasing market. Companies looking to lease 1,000 square metres have close to 300 options available to them over the next 12 months. CBRE Senior Director Office Services Jenine Cranston discusses how CBRE worked with a select number of clients on a marketing campaign to overcome the challenges of a highly competitive market.

Campaign details

“We put together a portfolio campaign strategy with the assistance of our marketing team, took it to each of our clients and filled the spaces with ease.

“The campaign offered customers exposure for their assets via a number of marketing channels. We chose channels that had broad relevance and effective cut through. The only thing they were able to opt in to was photography, which we got at a good price for them.

“If we were to offer those components to a client, even if they had multiple properties, it would cost them multiples of what they spent in this situation.

“By using the expertise of our marketing team and CBRE’s scale – our purchasing power – we were able to pass on the purchase benefits to our clients as well as the co-ordination of a comprehensive, month-long campaign.”


“It’s about engaging with your clients and talking them through the campaign and its relevance to the asset’s marketing strategy and target audience,” Ms Cranston said.

“The selling kit contained the specific elements that were going to be included and some detail about them. In addition to that we had the key dates that they were going to have to meet and a booking form.

“One example of a component of the campaign were the coffee cups we used. There were around 20,000 placed in cafés around the city with the campaign branding on them.

They lasted for only a short period of time but were complemented by other ongoing elements that ensured we were in-market at all times. The cups were strategically placed in cafés close to our clients’ assets.”

What were the main challenges?

“Key to the success of the campaign was the thorough planning that was undertaken in its formulation. I think that ironed out a lot of unforeseen eventualities.

“The leasing and marketing team worked together to decide on the right blend of digital and conventional mediums within the predefined budget. In the end we got a campaign that gave our clients the best bang for their buck and provided a balance of digital and traditional channels.”