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Presentation is foundation for younger agents

Young agents enter the profession with enthusiasm on their side, however this sometimes doesn’t extend to their dress code. Hear what two property professionals at different stages of their careers have to say about the importance of image for young agents.

“One of the biggest issues that young agents battle is that their overall image is not up to a suitable standard,” Ricky Briggs from Cooley Auctions said.

“This does not mean European cars, bespoke suits or Mont Blanc pens, but instead having a well pressed outfit, a washed car and a pleasant 'can-do' attitude. I believe having these standards are advantageous to any young agent that may not have age on their side.

“Being one of the youngest auctioneers in the country and the youngest in my team, I feel it’s paramount that I look my best every time I engage in work activities.

“I feel that the fact that I, as an auctioneer, perform in front of large crowds and are a part of high-profile negotiations, means that I really need to look the part. You can never be sure if a new client, media or film crew are watching and distributing what they see.”

Mr Briggs said that his employer and mentor Damien Cooley instils a 'you never have a second chance to make a first impression' attitude in all his staff.

Always perfectly presented, Laing+Simmons General Manager Leanne Pilkington agrees.

“We all judge people as soon as we meet them and obviously the way that we look and the way we carry ourselves, dress and presentation is a part of that. It is imperative that people are conscious of that,” Ms Pilkington said.

“At Laing + Simmons we always look for people who are passionate and enthusiastic about the industry. This is represented in their image.”

Mr Briggs also feels it is important young agents dress for success to reassure the client their age does not play a factor in their ability to perform.

“Younger agents already face issues such as age discrimination, therefore it is paramount that the agent gives the client no doubt that they are the right person for the job and often dressing right plays a big part.” Mr Briggs said.

“A client should not assume a 45 year old agent can help them better than a 25 year old, however the younger agent needs to go to greater lengths to demonstrate their experience and knowledge, and reflecting a suitable image speaks loudly,” Ms Pilkington said.