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Licensing framework for property agents not urgent: CAF

13 May 2014

Recent reports that national licensing will be back on the agenda in 2015 for property professionals may be premature. The government body pushing the reform has started reviewing a licensing framework for other industries, but says there is no urgency for the real estate industry.

The Council for the Australian Federation (CAF) has come out and said state and territory governments have agreed to review the licensing frameworks for the electrical and plumbing industries.

However CAF has said that there is no urgency to review a national licensing framework for the property industry after the disestablishment of the National Occupational Licensing Authority was announced late last year.

CAF has agreed with the state and territory governments that amending the licensing framework will be a flexible process. A bilateral or multilateral approach may be necessary.

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin said he supported and will continue to support the concept of a harmonised national licensing framework for the real estate profession.

“If national licensing came back on the agenda REINSW would support it, but we would insist on increased entry-level education and increased educational requirements for ongoing professional development,” Mr McKibbin said.

“REINSW saw the National Occupational Licensing Scheme as an opportunity to address inadequate entry-level education requirements and to properly equip new entrants for the inherent responsibilities attached to the discharge of profession services.

“Our ongoing dialogue with the federal and state governments about national licensing has meant REINSW has been at the forefront of the policy direction in this area.

“Both Federal Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson and former NSW Minister for Fair Trading Stuart Ayres had ruled out national licensing for the real estate industry early this year.

“REINSW still believes that the entry-level education is inadequate and I understand that this is a consistent view across the nation,” he said.

CAF intend to consult with interested parties and stakeholders when the time comes to review national licensing for the property industry.