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Auctions are not a one-man show

By Will Hampson - My Auctioneer

Chief Auctioneer at My Auctioneer, Will Hampson, works with some of the finest auctioneers and agents in New South Wales to successfully sell property at auctions.

Will shares his knowledge on how efficient auctions can be with help from a good team.

My father was a farmer and wool store buyer for 25 years in Cooma, so growing up around wool and livestock auctions all my life meant that auctioneering was a natural career path. I commenced auctioneering in 1995 within the livestock industry and then transitioned to real estate in 1998.

I now run My Auctioneer and Century 21 Auction Services with my wife, business partner, trainer and fellow auctioneer Kate Hampson.

At My Auctioneer, we understand the importance of communication, building relationships and following up with everyone involved in the process.

What I have seen continually over the past 16 years, and ever more importantly in today’s market, is the best auction agents and agencies are the ones who have effective teamwork skills.

Sharing the load

In order to achieve a successful auction, every team member in the office needs to be on the same page. This involves running through all new auction listings, discussing relevant sales and understanding the seller’s motivation and goal.

You need to ensure that enough staff attend open homes and know their jobs on the day. Ideally three staff members are adequate; one to take names and numbers at the front door, one to walk around the property and check on traffic flow, and another to answer questions and hand out brochures, contracts, forms and information as required.

You can strengthen your buyers’ interest by conducting a private showing during auction campaigns. Second and third private inspections demonstrate to your sellers that you are leaving no stone unturned and are working hard for them.

At the point of listing, it is a good idea to invite the entire office of sales agents for a walk through of the property. This helps the agents to familiarise themselves with the home and demonstrates to the client that the whole team is working together to achieve a premium sale.

Preparation is key! As a team you must all work together to ensure effective promotion of the property, liaise with the vendor on presentation of the property, assess vendor expectations and prepare the vendor for what is likely to happen through the auction campaign.

When auction day arrives, have agents actively negotiating and talking to bidders. This is vital.

Finally, post auction is probably the most important part to gaining future business. This is where your team can really shine. After the auction, go door knocking around the surrounding streets to let the neighbours know if the property sold. If you’re in negotiations, it is important to let others know. Communication counts.