Chapter News

Finding the balance in life

Commercial leasing and sales agent, Laura Nocera has lived her life by a simple mantra told to her by her father: “Do something you love because you’ll be motivated every day to take action and be your best”.

After finishing her Bachelor of International Government and Business at the University of Sydney, Laura Nocera married and became a mother. It was during this time that finding the right career as well as continuing to be a successful mother and partner was incredibly important to her.

“Real estate has always been a passion of mine. The lifestyle flexibility is an extremely important advantage for a working mother,” Laura said.

“I couldn’t have chosen a better path, I find delight in working within real estate. The history, architecture and different styles combined with being able to use my negotiation skills every day is an irresistible challenge.”

Not having English as her first language, the Colombian-born agent felt some pressure finding a job, so to give herself the edge she undertook her licence just two months after completing her certificate.

“I thought my energetic personality along with the certificate would be enough to secure a position; after being knocked back I went back and undertook my licensing. Completing the licence gave me the extra bit of education to compliment my outgoing and enthusiastic personality”.

Commercial property

“In my opinion, commercial property is a numbers game. Emotions are basically put aside,” Laura said.

“Commercial agents have to negotiate lease structures that will retain the property’s value and grow this value wherever possible, along with reaching an agreement that will work for both their client and the interested party. You need to keep everybody as happy as possible throughout the process in order to make the deal happen.

Once Laura knew commercial property was where she saw herself, she submitted her CV to Gunning Commercial and has now worked there for three and a half years.

“Gunning Commercial is a boutique agency. We all work together closely which has given me the opportunity to be involved in the whole process. From meeting the client, developing the most effective marketing campaign, the negotiation and transaction process and retaining the relationship with the client after the sale and/or lease of the property”.

Young Agents Committee

“For me being a commercial real estate agent and being vocal in the Young Agents Committee is very important,” Laura said.

“I would like to help young agents achieve a better understanding of the commercial side of real estate by helping REINSW to develop more substantial commercial content in the courses including the certificate of registration and licensing.

“I would also like to be a voice of motivation to young agents, reaffirming that they can achieve anything they dream of in real estate and in life as long as they have a goal and take action to make it happen.”