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The debate: Is there life left in the letterbox drop?

11 February 2014

We ask REINSW members which side of the debate they fall on.


Anthony Bergelin
Director at Bergelin Estate Agents

The letterbox is alive and kicking! Whilst our own agency is constantly evolving with technology (to the point where we’d like to see a near paperless office in the future), I think it would be silly for agents to discard promoting their services through the common letterbox.


Older generation

Collecting the post is still a daily routine for all of us and it provides a terrific opportunity for our business to reach new clients. Whilst many people now use email as their primary source of receiving correspondence there is an older generation that still rely on the postman’s daily visit as a way of keeping in touch with the outside world.

It provides a great opportunity to canvass buildings and to report on building activity, market trends, upcoming auctions, vacancy rates, recent sales and rentals and of course our services. This all comes back to the underlying element of creating ‘brand awareness’.

When possible we encourage our staff to personally conduct letterbox drops as a means to get out of the office and actually speak with members of the public. You would be surprised with just how many conversations you can have in when you’re out in the world and not stuck in the office behind the computer screen.

All opportunities

Our assets, in particular our house, are always on our mind.



Gavin Croft
Sales Manager and Head Auctioneer at BresicWhitney

As agents, let's begin by asking what's more important - consumer desires or self promotion?

Surely consumer wants and needs are at the forefront of the decisions we make.


But many in the industry are firsthand witnesses to hostility from consumers inundated with letterbox material. Their frustration can be measured in the proliferation of ‘no junk mail’ signs and complaints to the distribution standards board. Further damaging our reputation, plenty of mail drop businesses refuse to acknowledge simple ‘no junk’ requests.

Junk mail

In Australia, 8.2 billion articles of junk mail (including our faithful letterbox drops) are produced every year, along with more than 650 million articles of addressed promotional mail. Most of the mail is never read and the impact this volume of paper has on the environment is unsustainable.

If we truly considered our consumers, and the impact junk mail has on the environment, we would have rejected traditional letterbox promotion long ago.

Give thought to promotion involving more than just reaching the consumer – this involves listening to how they want to be contacted.

Letting go

Perhaps it's time we considered the importance of listening and then acknowledging in the not too distant future the letterbox drop will be a thing of the past. Letting go may prove difficult for many, but those who do and seek better means of communication will be rewarded.