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Rent crisis worsens for those on benefits
Released 6 May 2011

A survey by Anglicare Sydney has revealed the troubling depth of Sydney’s rental crisis for prospective tenants on government benefits.    

The survey, which was conducted over a weekend in April, found that of the 9400 properties advertised for rent only 72 were affordable for people receiving the age or disability pension or the single-parent payment.

Anglicare defines ‘affordable’ as a property that takes up less than 30 per cent of a household’s income.

Peter Kell, Anglicare Chief Executive, said not enough public housing had been built in the last 15 years and that undersupply was plunging families reliant on government benefits into serious rental stress. This was in a city that already had the highest living costs in Australia.

“Moving to a cheaper area sounds like a solution, but these families often can’t afford the relocation costs and where rent is cheaper, unemployment is often higher,” said Mr Kell.