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Cloud computing the way forward according to Colliers
Released 27 April 2011

Research from Colliers International shows the rise of cloud computing is also shaping up to change the face of commercial property transactions.    

Growing in acceptance over the past decade, cloud computing allows anyone from individuals to enterprises to use internet-based software and data storage in lieu of their personal computer’s hard drive.

It’s a shift that’s allowed enterprises ranging from small business to major corporations to streamline operations and minimise infrastructure costs, and one with far-reaching implications for commercial real estate.

The Workplace Technology – Cloud Computing & Real Estate white paper from Colliers International Advisory Services examined the potential impact of cloud computing on the property market, and found the effects rippled from the personal/employee level up to major corporations and data centres.

Colliers International National Director of Research Nerida Conisbee said the white paper showed in the face of this computing shift, a new breed of real estate services are now required.

“We’re seeing changes in flexibility, space and cost requirements in property portfolios as businesses re-evaluate their approach.”

At a personal or employee level, cloud computing allows affordable remote access to information, applications and edit-ready documents.

In addition to increasing productivity, the cloud effectively turns anywhere with internet access into a workplace.

Frank McGowan, Colliers International Managing Director of Project Services said, as a result, businesses are looking for solutions that allow greater mobility for employees in their property portfolio – and at the same time, they’re seeing a lower cost per employee in terms of both IT and real estate investment.

Similarly, small businesses stood to reap the rewards of the flexibility offered by the cloud, with the ability to roll out new software immediately reducing startup costs and improving speed to market.

"Cloud computing offers rapid scalability of computing services without the need to invest in major IT infrastructure", he said.

“All that is needed are laptops, tablets or other portable devices and a connection via the Internet to the cloud service provider.

"No longer are organisations constrained by the need to have expensive and complex computer rooms at their office premises, along with the specialist building services and expertise needed to keep them running.