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Installing solar panels
Released 12 April 2011

The use of renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular amongst residents of NSW, and many home owners are deciding to have solar panels installed on their properties. NSW Fair Trading is responsible for making sure that these installations are carried out according to the required safety standards.    

Traders wanting to get involved in the green energy business must meet licensing and contracting requirements, as well as be familiar with the relevant Australian Standard, before installing or contracting to install solar panels or any other green energy system. In NSW, only the holder of a building or electrical class of licence can contract to install solar panels on the roof of a residential property or other premises.

Electrical wiring of all solar panels, whether on residential, commercial or industrial premises and regardless of the cost of the work, must be undertaken by the holder of an electrical contractor licence or a qualified supervisor certificate (QSC). This means a building contractor who enters into a contract to install solar panels must engage an appropriately licensed electrician to carry out all necessary electrical wiring work.

If the solar installation needs to be connected to the electricity distribution network, the work can only be undertaken by an Accredited Service Provider (ASP), a person authorised to work on parts of the electricity network. Visit the NSW Industry & Investment website to find a full list of ASPs.

Remember, in order for a solar panel installation to attract State or Federal Government rebates, the installer must be accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia. Go to the website for more information, including how to become accredited and the costs involved.

More information for green energy contractors and installers is available from Fair Trading, including the rules about warranties, contracts, insurances and deposits. Go to the Green energy installers page on the Fair Trading website.