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Shopping Centre feeds a Hungry Pig
Released 2 March 2011

A shopping centre on the NSW Central Coast has the proud distinction of being one of the greenest in the world thanks to the implementation of an on-site organic waste management system that will recycle the equivalent of 20 garbage trucks worth of waste food every year.   

Erina Fair will use the Australian-developed Hungry Pig in-vessel composting technology to recycle 250 tonnes of waste, which accounts for 40pc of the centre’s food waste.

The waste is collected in wheelie bins and tipped directly into the waiting jaws of the Hungry Pig. Dry sawdust, shavings and paper waste are then added to balance the moisture content.

Erina Fair has also introduced some other important green initiatives, including a water harvesting system that will reduce the centre’s annual water usage by more than 15pc, and an LED lighting system which will improve lighting efficiency by up to 90pc in emergency exits and the car park.