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Alpin to collect evidence on Residential Tenancies Act
Released 7 February 2011

New South Wales Shadow Minister for Fair Trading Greg Aplin plans to collect evidence on the way the new Residential Tenancies Act and Regulations work in the real world of people’s homes and investments.  

“There is much that I like about the updated scheme now the government has made a dramatic u-turn on so many of its initial proposals but unfortunately the reform process was driven by an ideological push to benefit tenants at the very real expense of mum-and-dad landlords,” he said.
“The Keneally Labor Government has, along the way, created a lot of pain – emotional and financial – for ordinary folk who are simply trying to provide for their retirement. And this is supposed to help tenants?”

He said he fears the careless punishment dished out to landlords will ultimately have an impact on tenants through higher rents and more restrictive application processes.

“It has been 23 years since the last major review of landlord and tenant laws, and the one thing to clearly emerge is that the government has missed the golden opportunity of actually encouraging more people to provide accommodation for rent,” Aplin said.

“The government does not seem to hear just how hard it is for tenants to find a home. What is necessary now is to follow up how the new provisions are working,” he said.

“This time everybody needs to leave their ideological views to one side so we can be sure that benefits flow through to tenants and landlords.

“I will be consulting with the Real Estate Institute and the Tenants Union, among others, to keep tabs on whether the new notice periods, sub-letting provisions and other changes are achieving a healthy and fair balance of interests.”