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20-year leases divide government
Released 17 January 2011

Granting wealthy owners of waterfront properties 20-year leases over jetties is not protecting the Sydney Harbour for the public good, says Minister for Planning Tony Kelly. 

In a letter to Minister for Ports Eric Roozendaal, Mr Kelly said: “When approved, the landowners with waterfront leases will have exclusive use of the waters of Sydney Harbour adjoining their land.”

Mr Kelly adds that the policy breaches the government’s Sydney Regional Environmental Plan, which sates the Harbour “is to be recognised as a public resource, owned by the public, to be protected for the public good, and the public good has precedence over the private good whenever and whatever change is proposed for Sydney Harbour or its foreshores”.

NSW Maritime has just published a new domestic lease policy on its website that introduces a formalised system of 20-year leases.