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Commercial Building Disclosure - what your clients need to know
Released 12 January 2011

Do you have commercial clients responsible for office space of 2000 sqm or more? If so, you need to inform them about the new national Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program.

Under the CBD program, most sellers or lessors of office space with a net lettable area of 2000 square metres or more are required to obtain and disclose an up-to-date energy efficiency rating.

During the 12-month transition period (1 November 2010 to 31 October 2011) this means disclosing a valid NABERS Energy star rating. The NABERS Energy rating must be a base or whole building rating, registered on the CBD program’s publicly accessible website, and included in any advertising.

After the transition period, a valid Building Energy Efficiency Certificate will be required. These Certificates will include the building’s NABERS Energy star rating as well as information about the energy efficiency of tenancy lighting, and general energy efficiency guidance.

What does this means for advertising?

During and after the transition period, all advertising for affected office space must include a NABERS Energy rating. Advertising includes banners on buildings, foyers and perimeter fences, as well as advertising in newspapers, brochures, magazines and internet sites.

The NABERS Energy rating must be expressed by:
  • using the rating from 0 to 5 worked out for the building under the NABERS Energy rating rules, disregarding the effect of the purchase of electricity under the GreenPower program
  • adding the words ‘-star NABERS Energy rating’ after the number (e.g. 4.5-star NABERS Energy rating).
Every advertisement must include the energy rating as outlined above and ensure that the rating is displayed prominently so that:
  • it is clearly visible
  • it is not obscured
  • the number and the text are at least as large as the majority of the text contained in the advertisement.
An additional NABERS Energy rating, inclusive of GreenPower, may be included as long as it is not more prominent than the required NABERS Energy rating.

A NABERS Energy Commitment Agreement rating cannot be disclosed in advertising instead of an officially certified NABERS Energy rating. A building owner may choose to include a Commitment Agreement rating in addition to the certified rating on advertising, but this is not a legal requirement.