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Concerns over private certification
Released 22 November 2010

The investigation of a private certifier, who allegedly signed off on a house that needed at least $118,000 worth of work to bring it up to the legal standard, has called into question the effectiveness of the system for private certification of new homes.  

Gillian and Stephen Kozicki contracted to buy a four-bedroom townhouse in a multi-dwelling development in Turramurra, NSW. The property was certified for occupation by an accredited certifier.

Dominic Ogburn from Access Property Services, the consultants who later identified problems with the property, found the townhouse needed $118,000 worth of work to bring it up to compliance with NSW building standards and with BASIX, the legal sustainability requirements for new homes. Dominic is calling for a review of the private certification system in NSW.

“Non-compliance to minimum building standards is something I have increasingly seen over recent property inspections, yet the subject property has been certified compliant by private certifiers or sometimes council,” he says.