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'Boomburbs' exhibition provides a bird's eye view
Released 26 October 2010

Taking to the air has given photographer Andrew Merry a new perspective on Sydney’s suburban sprawl.  

With help from his former neighbour, Martin Bass, who also happens to be a helicopter pilot, Andrew documented many of the housing developments on the city’s fringe during a series of flights in 2006.

The result is ‘Boomburbs’ – an exhibition of 48 photographs on display at the Museum of Sydney until February 2011.

Andrew, who has long been fascinated by the model-like quality of suburban developments when viewed from the air, hopes the exhibition will help spark discussions about what we value when it comes to housing.

“Fifty years ago the average house size in NSW was 110 square metres,” says Andrew. “Today it’s 270 square metres, almost two-and-a-half times bigger. Yet at the same time the building sites have become smaller and families have become smaller as well.”