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Tax cheats caught
Released 25 August 2010

More than 3000 NSW residents have been caught rorting first-homebuyer concessions, accounting for $7.5 million in lost stamp duty alone.

In a recent blitz, the Office of State Revenue (OSR) discovered 600 people falsely claimed a stamp duty tax exemption for a first home. Since 2004-05, the OSR has also caught 3892 people rorting the first-homebuyers grant, accounting for $32.6 million in lost revenue.

The OSR is investigating RTA records, the electoral roll and even mobile phone records to ensure those claiming concessions are genuine first-homebuyers.

Treasurer Eric Roozendaal says: “This is an important program to help NSW families get into their first home and set them up for life. However, the message to anyone who plans on defrauding the program is clear – if you cheat, you’ll get caught.”