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Housing price growth to slow
Released 18 August 2010

With interest rates expected to rise, ANZ expects house price growth will temporarily slow to low single digits in 2011.

According to ANZ's August 2010 Property Outlook, in the absence of a major economic downturn, a critical shortage of housing will see house prices and rents grind ever higher, and housing affordability and availability will become major social and political issues in the decade ahead.

The report outlined office fundamentals are set to improve from a relatively favourable starting position.

"With the market re-calibrated to a risk averse post-GFC environment, we expect healthy returns as confidence restores," the report states.

ANZ adds that increased international trade activity and softer supply have seen industrial yields tighten and added upward pressure on rents.

The outlook for subdued additions to supply in the near term and continuing growth in demand for industrial space should see these trends continue.