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Homebuyers facing longer trips to work
Released 21 July 2010

Properties located in the outer suburbs of the city are likely to enjoy an upswing in demand, a new PRDnationwide poll has found.

The survey, which identified what are considered to be acceptable drive times, found that 58 per cent of homeowners would be willing to drive up to 30 minutes in each direction to and from work each day.

Nearly one quarter of respondents indicated they would be willing to spend between 30 and 60 minutes travelling in one direction.

Meanwhile, only one per cent of respondents indicated they would be willing to drive for more than one hour in one direction and 18 per cent would only be willing to spend 10 minutes or less getting to work.

PRDnationwide research director Aaron Maskrey said five hours travelling a week, or 260 hours a year, was becoming more acceptable.

“As our capital cities struggle with a growing population, more home buyers will be facing longer trips to work as inner city land becomes overcrowded.”

Mr Maskrey said there are pay-offs for long trips - such as bigger blocks or cheaper housing. 

“Most of the time it is bearable if they get to go home to their beach shack or country getaway or aren’t drowning in debt from high inner city mortgages,” he said.