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Webinar | Reduce your risk of a negligence claim

This webinar, led by one of Australia’s leading professional indemnity lawyers, is designed to help you understand some of the more common risks and how to avoid them by the use of specific case studies of some recent negligence cases brought against

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Webinar | Path to professionalism

The Age of the Professional is with us, but are we ready, willing and able to take the journey to become a true profession, recognised in law, with all of the responsibilities and standards that comes with it?

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Exploring the New Strata by-laws

This webinar will cover what you as a strata manager can and need to do in relation to by-laws.

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Commercial practice: the end of a tenancy

This webinar is designed for Commercial agents who want to understand more about what happens when a commercial lease comes to an end.

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Completing a Sales Agency Agreement correctly

This webinar will take you through the main risk areas of the Agreement to ensure you know what to do. The presenter is a seasoned sales agent herself, and a qualified and experienced trainer, so you’ll be part of a very practical session.

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Commercial practice: subleases and surrenders

This webinar is designed for Commercial agents who want to understand more sub-leases and surrenders.

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How to avoid costly negligence claims

You will leave this webinar with practical steps that you can take to reduce your risks of being exposed to a costly, time-consuming and reputation-damaging negligence claim.

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Avoiding auction disasters

This webinar features a panel of two of Australia’s top auctioneers: Damien Cooley and Jesse Davidson. They talk about their own personal experiences and strategies for dealing with issues at auctions.

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Energy ratings as a selling and leasing tool

This webinar will introduce the concept of what a home energy rating is and what it measures. You will understand the NSW BASIX Certificate and learn how to use the energy and water efficiency information contained in it for prospective buyers

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REEF | Bullying and Harassment

In this webinar, we will examine what constitutes bullying and the steps that agency owners should be taking to limit the possibility of a claim. We will also look at responding to any such claims including conducting a workplace investigation.

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Complying with the Foreign Resident Capital Gains tax

Do you know your new responsibilities? On 1st July 2016 Australian residents selling real estate with a market value of $2 million or more have new responsibilities. Find out what they are in this webinar!

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Commercial practice: binding and non-binding agreements

This webinar is designed for Commercial agents who want to understand more about Heads of Agreement, Agreement for Lease and other binding or non-binding pre-lease, pre-contract documentation and correspondence.

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REEF | National Employment Standards

In this webinar, we will explain the application of each of the 10 National Employment Standards with an emphasis on those standards which are causing the most concern for the businesses community.

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NCAT and a breach of tenancy

If a tenant breaches their tenancy, then the end result may well be that their tenancy should be terminated altogether. This webinar has been prepared to help you be successful should you end up in an NCAT hearing

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REEF | Commission-only employment

This webinar will examine the current state of play and, importantly, consider what the future may hold for this unusual yet popular employment arrangement.

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Commercial sales: Put and call options with development sites

This webinar is designed for Commercial agents who want to understand more about Put and Call options and how they work with development sites.

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NCAT and non-payment of rent

Occasionally non-payment of rent can end up with you taking the tenants to an NCAT tribunal hearing. This webinar has been designed to give you a checklist and explanation of how to be 100% prepared.

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Foreign Resident Capital Gains withholding tax

This webinar is for every agent who is involved in selling real estate who wants to understand the far-reaching change to the tax regime that came into effect 1 July 2016.

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Underquoting – six months on

In this webinar,you'll learn how to ensure that the underquoting requirements are worked in to your agency’s normal processes. You will find out the critical things you need to do to ensure you are compliant.

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Risk mitigation for Property Managers

In this webinar you will hear from REINSW major partner PropertySafe. They will be highlighting some effective strategies to manage this liability through landlord education, outsourced safety reporting and workflow efficiency software.

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Supervision Guidelines: the inside story

In this information-packed one hour webinar you will hear from a former NSW Fair Trading Senior Investigator. He will cover the critical things you need to know and do.

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Preparing for an NCAT hearing

In this one-hour webinar you will be hearing and learning from two of the most experienced Property Managers and Trainers in NSW: Tim Anderson and Jo Hamilton.

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How to build your successful online profile

In this webinar you’ll hear from Beth Powell, a highly-qualified and experienced Digital Marketer who has helped hundreds of people to build a successful online profile.

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How a property manager can manage disputes

In this webinar you’ll hear from three Property Managers about how to better handle these situations.

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How commercial agents and lawyers can work best together

In this webinar two of the most experienced professionals in the commercial property industry explain how best to work together to develop an effective commercial lease that covers off the common issues, make good obligations, rent reviews, and renew

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Industry Updates and Trends for 2016

During this webinar, we’ll provide you with a complete industry update and an overview on trends to look out for in 2016.

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Paid advertising - What your vendor should know

In this webinar, we’ll provide you with the tools and tips to easily communicate the benefits of paid advertising to your vendor and how to apply these tools into your practice today.

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Each webinar generally runs for one (1) hour to ensure that the information delivered is clear and succinct. Additional time will be allocated if participants have further questions they would like addressed. Each webinar is run on a specific date and time, so registration is essential. Once your registration is complete, you will be emailed instructions on how to log onto the webinar. Once logged in, you will view the webinar in seconds.