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Available exclusively to REINSW members.

Complete your agreements and forms online with REI Forms Live. PC, Mac, laptop, iPad or Android tablet - no matter what the device, REI Forms Live has been designed with your needs in mind.

"We have always found the REI Forms Live quick and simple to use. Log in, create forms, get on with our job.” - Tina Case, Professionals Lithgow

Legally compliant
The only online system that uses REINSW’s tried, tested and legally compliant agreements and forms.
Access your data anytime and anywhere from a range of devices.
Minimise manual entry by populating agreements and forms using data from your favourite software.
  Time saving
Improve your workflow by using a single data entry point.
Make changes quickly and easily on the spot.
Deliver your agreements and forms via email to your clients and approved platforms.
Take out an unlimited use subscription or pay as you go.
 Pay per form prices
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 Subscription prices 
 Sales agreements and forms (prefix SA) - annual subscription $469 
 Property management agreements and forms (prefix FM) - annual subscription $469 
 Commercial agreements and forms - annual subscription $469 
 All agreements and forms - annual subscription $729 

What agreement and form are available via REI Forms Live?
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Why choose REINSW agreements and forms?

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REI Forms Live

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REI Forms Live is the industry leading solution for online real estate agreements and forms, and is available exclusively to members of REINSW, REINT, REIQ, REISA, REIT and REIWA.