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REINSW submission on electronic contracts

REINSW has made a submission in response to a Discussion Paper on digital technology and electronic signatures.

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Should you disclose the sale price?

What are the pros and cons of disclosing a sale price?

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75% fail on NSW Fair Trading crackdown

75% of real estate agencies failed to comply with NSW Fair Trading legislation in Sydney’s west as part of a targeted audit.

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Training reforms moving ahead

Real estate training reforms passed this week is a generational change and result of REINSW lobbying.

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Housing finance declining across the board

The December 2017 housing finance figure show that lending for housing is declining.

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Under promise and overdeliver

Women under promise and overdeliver, according to Amanda Farmer.

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Interest rates remain on hold

Reserve Bank of Australia board members have decided to leave interest rates at 1.50 per cent.

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REIA pre-budget proposals to Government

REIA has made a submission to Government focusing on property taxation and housing affordability.

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Using social media to promote your brand

What’s the best way to promote your real estate ‘brand’ on social media?

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Low CPI good for homebuyers and renters

December's 2017 CPI figure released today by the ABS continues to be good news for home buyers and renters.

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Weaker housing market conditions continue

Last year was the weakest calendar year for value growth since 2012.

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First home buyers benefitting

First home buyers are steadily increasing their presence in the housing market, according to the REIA.

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New revenue ruling on residential premises

New revenue ruling clarifies types of residential premises exempt from surcharge purchaser duty and surcharge purchaser land tax.

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How to reduce cybercrime fraud

Sophisticated cybercrime fraud is on the rise, but there are ways to reduce the risks in real estate.

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How to handle one bidder auctions

Find out how to handle one bidder auctions.

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Cooling market highlights quality agents

Consumers are at risk of not achieving the best price for their property according to REINSW President Leanne Pilkington.

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How to market your business on social media

Getting your business page right on Facebook and LinkedIn can result in huge sales and great publicity.

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Time for a health check

As we approach another interesting year in real estate, it's time for both reflection and forward planning in our businesses and the industry.

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Off-the-plan contracts undergo review

Feedback is being sought on proposals aimed at bolstering protections for home buyers purchasing a property off-the-plan.

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What’s going to happen in 2018?

REINSW reveals how agents need to become a professional for their survival.

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