NCAT Christmas and New Year's arrangements

NCAT will hold its last hearing on 22 December 2017 for all Divisions except for the Guardianship Division.

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NCAT legislative change unsatisfactory

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin has labelled legislative changes to NCAT as unsatisfactory.

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Is there a loophole in the new strata laws?

Does strata's new legislation have a potential loophole that allow lot owners to ignore NCAT orders?

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Electronic evidence at NCAT hearings

Electronic evidence can be presented at a NCAT hearing.

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Call for tenancy law change

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which handles disputes between tenants and landlords, currently has no jurisdiction if one party lives in another state.

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NCAT legislation amends needed ASAP

REINSW calls on the government to to amend NCAT legislation immediately.

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NCAT updates its fees and charges

NCAT has updated its schedule of fees and charges for applications and appeals.

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NCAT updates and changes

NCAT's latest consultation meeting reported some important changes and updates.

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Tenant dies with no next of kin

What do you do if a tenant dies in the property with no next of kin?

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NCAT service reduction in Gosford

NCAT’s Gosford centre is set to have its service reduced from 5 December 2016.

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Be prepared to resolve disputes

One of the main forums for resolving tenancy disputes between landlords and tenants in NSW is NCAT.

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New NCAT scenario-based videos

NCAT has produced four videos which dramatise different scenarios to help people prepare for cases.

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NCAT and non-payment of rent

Find out tips on how to handle the non-payment of rent and what to do if you go to an NCAT Tribunal.

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All change at NCAT

NCAT has updated its fees and charges, plus there are many other changes afoot.

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How to prepare for an NCAT hearing

NCAT expert Tim Anderson explains how a property manager can be fully prepared for an NCAT hearing.

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NCAT updates policies and appeal guidelines

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal has updated its policies and internal appeal guidelines.

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NCAT helpful hints: is a written report needed?

REINSW provides helpful hints on how to best prepare for NCAT hearings.

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NCAT helpful hints: What to do when feeling threatened by a tenant prior to a hearing

If you are concerned about your safety prior to an NCAT hearing, what should you do?

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NCAT helpful hints: Proof of authority to appear at hearing on behalf of owner

How to best prepare when you are appearing at an NCAT hearing on behalf of an owner.

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NCAT change services in St George and Sutherland area

NCAT has changed the way it delivers its service to agents in the St George and Sutherland area.

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