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Get involved in Graffiti Removal Day 

29 September 2017

Volunteers are being urged to join in Graffiti Removal Day (GRD) on Sunday 29 October to show you love where you live.

The aim of the day is to highlight the problem of graffiti across NSW and encourage people to volunteer to remove and prevent graffiti. 

Graffiti vandalism costs the NSW Government and residents more than $300 million every year.

Since GRD began in 2012 roughly 90,000sqm of graffiti has been removed by GRD volunteers, which equates to $6.7 million in savings for private owners and the Government.

The number of volunteers has also increased from 597 to 1,503 last year, and from 100 nominated sites to 461.

To find out more, click here or call 1300 665 310.