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Holiday home safety often forgotten

19 April 2017

Now is a popular time for families to go on holiday, which helps to serve as an important reminder for property managers to ensure holiday homes are fully safety compliant.

Most commonly property managers must deal with houses, town-houses and units when it comes to smoke alarm compliance.

However, Julieanne Worchurst, Australia and New Zealand Sales and Marketing Director of national smoke alarm compliance company, Smoke Alarm Solutions, said this meant holiday properties were often forgotten. 

Ms Worchurst said it was incredibly important for landlords to organise a smoke alarm inspection prior to each holiday letting, or at regular intervals each year. Smoke alarms need to meet Australian standards. 

She said: “At this time of year, many people are going away for Easter holidays, and thinking about relaxing with family, not about their family’s safety. 

“That area is largely left to the responsibility of the landlord and property manager/holiday letting agent.

“It is easy to forget about holiday lettings and homes if they are not used much, but if people are sleeping there, safety is important. 

“A compliant smoke alarm is a working one, because that’s the only smoke alarm that can save your life. Have all your smoke alarms tested, regardless of what property they are in.”

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