Consumer News

Calling the government to account

Posted on 3/11/2017
Our industry, through property taxation, is the NSW Government’s single biggest revenue generator and is the engine room of our economy

Make the most of your equity

Posted on 27/10/2017
Find out about leveraging potential and its benefits to finance an investment.

Financing your property purchase is not simple

Posted on 21/10/2017
Borrowing money to buy a home sounds simple, unfortunately it’s not.

Strata window safety required by March 2018

Posted on 20/10/2017
Around 50 children accidentally fall from windows or balconies in Australia every year.

First home buyers driving increased lending

Posted on 17/10/2017
The number of first home buyers returning to the market is on the rise thanks to more stable market conditions.

Electronic signatures bring consumer benefits

Posted on 5/10/2017
Technology plays a critical part in real estate transactions for buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and real estate agents.

Sydney house prices keep on rising

Posted on 29/09/2017
Median house prices increased in every Sydney zone over the past year, ranging from 10.6% in Inner Sydney to 17.4% in Middle Sydney.

Vertical living growing in popularity

Posted on 29/08/2017
More than two million people in NSW live in a strata apartment, and it is estimated that over 50% will by 2040.

Is cheapest the best option?

Posted on 18/08/2017
A property is the most expensive asset many people will ever own.

Your asbestos questions answered

Posted on 16/08/2017
Property managers get asked all sorts of questions about asbestos, but often don’t know the answers.