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First homebuyers package

The package of measures to support first homebuyers is a step in the right direction.

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Providing vacant possession

When selling property there is an obligation of providing the purchaser vacant possession.

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Consumers win with fire levy delay

The NSW Government's decision to delay introducing the FESL is a win for consumers.

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Buyer beware

There are many pitfalls you need to avoid when purchasing a property, it is important to prepare beforehand.

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When to accept a bid

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before accepting an early offer.

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Saving money on building and pest reports

A buyer must pay to get a pre-purchase pest and building inspection report completed.

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What determines a property’s price?

There are many factors that determine a property's price including limited supply.

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Strata cosmetic work benefit for owners

One of the benefits of the strata law reform for owners was the new method of renovations.

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Hidden potential can reap rewards

Understanding the type of homebuyer, can help sellers maximise their sale price.

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Landlords’ insurance should be mandatory

One of the most important decisions a landlord will ever make is to take out landlords' insurance.

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76% of home owners on renovating journey

A Westpac report showed 76% of Australian home owners are on their renovating journey.

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What is the value of an agent?

Disruption is affecting many industries offering solutions at a lower cost.

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Vertical housing a solution to supply

With Sydney's population growing, there is the need for additional housing.

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Accessing super for first homebuyers

A solution for first homebuyers to purchase property is giving them access to their superannuation funds.

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Creative housing affordability solutions

It is now time to come up with creative solutions to the housing affordability issue.

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Properties to get energy ratings

Purchasers need to consider the cost of utilities of a home such as electricity and gas.

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Leasing the LPI could prove costly

Plans to lease the LPI means property consumers could pay more to register their interest in property.

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NSW must follow Victoria on stamp duty

Victoria's decision to abolish stamp duty for first homebuyers must act as a catalyst for NSW.

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Electronic signatures have many benefits

Electronic signatures are fast becoming more popular and play a critical part in real estate transactions.

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Solution to housing affordability

Housing affordability is a hot topic, but behind all the conversations is there a solution?

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