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Your asbestos questions answered

Property managers get asked all sorts of questions about asbestos, but often don’t know the answers.

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Call for tenancy law change

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which handles disputes between tenants and landlords, currently has no jurisdiction if one party lives in another state.

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The three biggest affordability concerns

The three greatest affordability concerns are having a deposit, the high cost of stamp duty and the number foreign buyers competing for properties.

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Rethink needed on deductions

Changes to allowable deductions for travel to inspect a residential investment property will need to be reconsidered.

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What should you expect from a professional real estate agent?

REINSW President John Cunningham says there are 20 things you should expect from your agent.

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Real estate plans for professionalism

The real estate industry has begun the process to gain professional recognition.

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Seven factors that influence home buyers

CoreLogic say there are seven psychological factors which influence a home buyer's decision.

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Witholding tax could cause delays

The objective of the foreign resident capital gains withholding tax is to ensure foreign residents pay tax on any profits earned from the sale of Australian property.

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Affordability up, first homebuyers down

NSW affordability increases, however first homebuyers decrease.

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Budget fails to deliver for all consumers

The NSW Government used their recent budget to announce a first homebuyers package.

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First homebuyers package

The package of measures to support first homebuyers is a step in the right direction.

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Providing vacant possession

When selling property there is an obligation of providing the purchaser vacant possession.

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Consumers win with fire levy delay

The NSW Government's decision to delay introducing the FESL is a win for consumers.

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Buyer beware

There are many pitfalls you need to avoid when purchasing a property, it is important to prepare beforehand.

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When to accept a bid

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before accepting an early offer.

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Saving money on building and pest reports

A buyer must pay to get a pre-purchase pest and building inspection report completed.

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What determines a property’s price?

There are many factors that determine a property's price including limited supply.

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Strata cosmetic work benefit for owners

One of the benefits of the strata law reform for owners was the new method of renovations.

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Hidden potential can reap rewards

Understanding the type of homebuyer, can help sellers maximise their sale price.

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Landlords’ insurance should be mandatory

One of the most important decisions a landlord will ever make is to take out landlords' insurance.

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